Karan Garg - Prima Fashion House

Prima Fashion House (PFH),  is a Las Vegas-USA based partner of Prima Exports, a world-class fashion accessories & textiles manufacturer/exporter based out of Noida-India. We’re essentially bridging the gap between East and West, a critical service specifically tailored towards our ‘private label’ American clients who take advantage of our competitive manufacturer pricing, premium ‘hand-made in India’ quality products, fashion-forward design catalogue with global appeal, coupled with honest, prompt and local-USA based customer service. As we all know, overseas communication can be quite challenging and time consuming in general, saturated with stressful and frustrating language barriers & time difference issues in working with factories overseas. We've eliminated this problem and greatly improved our clients’ experience by making communication direct, easier, clear and timely, a lot more effective and efficient overall. 

PFH expands your market effectiveness and buying power but never compromises on quality, scores of loyal clients worldwide are proof of this. 'Customer Delight' is our priority and maximizing value for our clients - our goal. We're always seeking to build long-term business relationships based on trust, quality and service, and we strive to exceed our clients' expectations every chance we get.

Our team has decades of experience and delivers solid value. We specialize in woven & knit scarves, textile handbags, loungewear garments like Kimonos & Kaftans, organic cotton bathrobes and blankets/throws. We provide a complete range of services like sample designs, fabrication options, CAD designs, sampling, production, labeling, packaging and shipping. Please contact us regarding your fashion needs to see what we can offer, we look forward to working with you!


Karan Garg,

Founder & CEO